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Sagittarius Overlay

This is a listing of the Sagittarius Overlay of Zodiac signs on the Houses.

Sagittarius Rising

House Sign Meaning of sign on the cusp.
1 Sagittarius Optimistic. Your goals have a large scale. Friendly, interested and jovial. You have a tendency to take things for granted and to thing in terms of their own affairs and frames of reference until you learn otherwise. It is best viewed as a continual adventure with many exciting lessons. You need to remember to pay some attention to the details of daily life. You have the uncanny ability to influence others into seeing things from your point of view, but if abused or the rulers are afflicted, you may use this as to manipulate others. Projects a cosmopolitan air. Always looking for a higher purpose and desires to be the good example. At worst, you become a zealot and overbearing know-it-all. Self-righteous arrogant and condescending. You have a need to “be good” or at least appear that way. Deeply upset when someone questions your integrity.
2 Capricorn You have a steady and practical approach to earning money. You pride yourself on your self-discipline and wisdom. You are not a frivolous spender, wanting things with good long term value.
3 Aquarius You have many exciting and unpredictable ideas that you can communicate in ingenious ways. Ideas come in flashes of intuition and you are capable fo putting them into practical applications. You are interested in studying unusual topics. You may experience flashes of intuition. Relatives and friends come unexpectedly in and out of your life.
4 Pisces You value privacy over other things in a home. You want a place to retreat, even a room of your own to meditate on what is important to you. You have a idyllic view of your family. You may not see family members as they really are. One of your parents may have been absent, ill, or drunk during your childhood. However, as an adult you remember only the good times. You may try to re-create an idyllic family life. Not tied to a particular place. Extreme depth of feeling and inner emotions with the ability to withstand the storms life throws at you. You seek security in mystical or spiritual realms.
5 Aries You love spontaneity and new games. You also enjoy new and creative projects, often initiating them yourself. Lots of energy into creative activities. Originate numerous concepts. Passionate and aggressive in love and romance. Generous yet somewhat dominating with children.
6 Taurus Your daily life reflects your need for a practical routine. You are a stable and reliable co-worker. Need artistic and beauty in some relation to your work. The monetary gain is an important reward for your efforts. Good health provided you don't get lazy or eat too much.
7 Gemini You enjoy communicating with your partner. You will want an intimate partner who is intellectually stimulating. Otherwise you may feel restless in your relationship. Often more than one partner or marriage. Attract partners who are intelligent, versitile and support them in practical ways. Preference for partners who represent you well and your ideas. You can be gullible to partners. You seek someone who is witty and intelligent, who keeps things real and brings diversity into your life.
8 Cancer You are protective of any joint resources, and may have a tendency for hoarding them. Want to be remembered fondly after you die.
9 Leo You love to explore the world. Travel is fun, but then so is study and discussing your philosophical beliefs. Seek respect in their own field more than fame. Your eyes are always on distant goals. Like to travel to exotic and distant places. Your personal philosophy is really important.
10 Virgo You are hardworking, critical and exacting in your profession. You prefer order at work, and like to be recognized for your high standards and exacting work. Professionally you may appear cold, aloof and critical. Over time you learn adaptability, reliability and thoroughness.
11 Libra Often surrounded by unusual, attractive, artistic and gracious friends who are stable and prosperous. Often you marry a friend or someone you've known a long time. You are a fair-minded and co-operative friend. You take on the peacemaker role in groups. A team player, an individual who knows that her own well-being is closely connected to the well-being of others. It is also a person who is very good about matching and blending other people’s talents and abilities into combinations that yield benefits within groups and organizations. If Venus is harmoniously connected to Saturn, this organizational gift will be that much more emphasized. Should Venus be in any strong aspect to Uranus, the choice of friends will be very eclectic, the more unusual the better! The difficulty inherent in this position is that it may indicate a person with too much idealism, one who is connected to so many people of such diverse opinions and lifestyles, that it can be quite the challenge to act with clear personal direction. A strong Mars is then needed to bring the drive and determination that can balance one’s life.
12 Scorpio You may fear the intensity of your own subconscious feelings, and attempt to control them tightly. You may need to learn to express some of these feelings in order to dispel them. Your secret talent is resourcefulness, you can see the value in things others often dismiss or overlook. Your downfall can come from secret resentments (of yourself or others).

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