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Prenatal Eclipse - This refers to either a solar or lunar eclipse, occuring in the months preceding the birth of the native. Not usually considered more than 12 months prior to the birth date or event chart.


The Prenatal eclipse provides the seeds for the nativity. The seeds planted are shown by the eclipse degrees, the degrees of the Lord of the eclipse and the angles of the eclipse.

Eclipses happening before an event are of great importance in mundane work (the forecasting of geopolitical events).

Finding your Prenatal Eclipse

We have prepared tables to help you find when your prenatal eclipse was, since we rarely remember such things ;-)

-- Tue Jan 23 22:55:21 2007:

Notice that a prenatal eclipse is nearly always identical to the north node in a natal chart.

An eclipse always happens at one of the nodes.

A node does not move quickly, it takes 19 years to make it around the chart.

There are only a few months between the prenatal lunar and solar eclipse and birth, so most of the time these are identical.

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