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Materials and Tools

Choosing Wire

  • Material Properties Metal Properties and naming conventions. The key to the shorthand references for materials used in metal projects.

Choosing rings

Standard Lengths for Jewelry

Piece of Jewelry Women's Men's
Standard Bracelet 7 inches 8 inches
Short Necklace 16-18 inches 18 inches*
Medium Necklace 18-24 22-24 inches

  • Roughly 2-3 inches larger than shirt collar size

For more precision on a bracelet: Measure around the wrist at the wrist bone, add about 1 inch (more if particularly thick metal).

Making rings

Deburring rough edges


Aging and Distressing


List of suppliers

Designing inlays

-- Mon May 15 09:32:46 2007:

See Picture Tips to improve digital examples of your work.

-- Fri May 25 19:32:46 2007:

At first, I couldn't believe it when my carrier pigeon returned with a scroll from Sah Thoth telling me he didn't believe I had the flu and he commanded I appear immediately at the workshop, interrupting my planned trip to the jousting finals. Then, my spider-sense went nuts when I was greeted by Sieur Godefroy with a worried look on his face. They were afraid I'd mishandled some rings so I spent the day under surveillance while they watched carefully for signs of metal fume fever while lecturing me endlessly on safety.

So next time, don't call in "sick" right after you worked with venomous metals or you'll have to attend a seminar on handling potentially hazardous materials.

PS Ask Arkbat The Dim for the recipe for his "special" tea [then post it here for me, I need to know what was in that tea...] he won't reveal the secret ingredient to me.

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