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Alternative health and philosophers have defined disease as organs that are not operating at the appropriate frequency. When a strong harmonizing rhythm is applied to it, the interference pattern of waves, which is the organ, may start beating in tune again." This is a part of CPR.

"When two things are vibrating at different frequencies through resonance and entrainment, either the lower vibration will come up, the higher vibration will come down, or they will meet in the middle."

In Quantum-Touch, breath and meditation techniques to raise the vibration of their hands to a very high frequency. When they place their hands in proximity to someone else who is in pain, their client's body, like a similarly tuned circuit, will resonate and entrain to the practitioner's hands.

The practitioner creates and holds and energy - applying hands to the painful area, then the body of the person receiving the energy will rebalance in ways that cause healing to occur.

The breathing techniques keep the practitioner in the higher energy state so he or she does not entrain to the vibration of the person in pain.

Life Force

  • The Chinese call it "Chi,"
  • The Japanese call it "Ki."
  • The Indian yogis call it "Prana" and use pranayama, meditation, and various healing practices.
  • The Hawaiian Kahunas call it "Mana" using it for hands-on healing, distant healing, and for prayer.

We all feel it, but since it is constant, we forget to notice it.

To summarize, life-force energy is the animating current of life permeating all living things.

The ability to assist in healing is natural to all people.

• Energy follows thought. • No one can really heal anyone else. The person in pain heals himself with access to the energy field. • Breathing amplifies the life-force. • Combining breathing and meditation techniques together causes the energy to line up, which increases its power many times, like a laser.

How to Notice the Force in a Finger

Stare at you finger and think about it feeling tingly.
  • If you want, think of biological processes you know of, blood flowing, capillaries, muscles, heart beating.
  • Think of stroking it with a feather
  • Stroke the finger very gently with your other hand.

Movement of energy in the body

To get the energy moving you need to picture a pathway - from each foot - up the legs coming together at the abdomen and up past the heart, neck to the top of the head. Then down from the top of the head to the shoulders and down the arms to the hands.

Have someone stroke gently (like petting a cat) so you can feel the movement of energy. Once you feel it, you can do this almost automatically. When you do it, your hands may feel warmer or tingly.

Do the same thing up the back.


One big breath in then exhale. You can consciously count to find a rhythm that works - all are good, you may wish to try different ones for different sessions or during the same session.

  • In 2 out 6
  • In 4 count out 4 count
  • In 1 big breath out 4 - be careful not to hyperventilate

Fire Breath Fire Breathing Followed by 2-6 or 1-4

This is the most powerful of the breaths for boosting the energy and can be done as often as one time every minute. Overuse of this breath can cause fainting. Back off from this technique if you start feeling faint. Don't do it at any time you need full awareness like when you are driving.

Rapidly blow out and pull in large amounts of air five to seven times like you are panting.


  1. Sitting or standing, mentally do a full body sweep on yourself (see p.36). The key is to feel as much sensation move through your entire body as you possibly can. Having practiced the previous exercises, most people are now able to use the power of their intention well enough to generate sensation through much or all of their body. Cup your hands together or gently close your hands to form "loose fists." Do two or three full body sweeps and feel the energy gather in your hands. Once you can feel the sensations increase in your hands, it is time to coordinate it with the breathing.
  2. Start a 2-6 breathing pattern. Take full breaths to the count of two, with a full exhalation to the count of six, and place all your attention in your hands. Feel the energy building on the exhalation. Do this for a few minutes as you coordinate the exhalation with the sensation. Always work to increase sensation on the exhalation throughout these exercises. Don't worry about feeling the energy build in your hands on the inhalation. Focus on the six counts of exhalation. If you are doing this correctly, you will feel an increase of sensation in your hands.
  3. With the hands still gently closed or cupped, start the 1-4 breathing pattern. Notice how the sensations in your hands change as you do this. Work to feel the sensations increase on the exhalation. This simply requires that you keep your attention in your hands and have the intention to increase the sensations. Developing the ability to increase sensation and tie it to the breath is one of the most important skills of Quantum-Touch. If you are doing this correctly, you should notice that the sensation in the hands has grown by changing the tempo of your breath. As long as you don't get yourself dizzy and fall over, the more air you are moving, the more the life-force will increase.
  4. Start doing the fire breathing technique. Again, your hands should be gently closed or cupped as you do the breathing. Once you have finished the rapid inhalations and exhalations, take a large inhalation and go into a 1-4 or 2-6 breathing pattern. Now notice how the sensations in your hands have changed. If you feel an increase in sensations on the exhalations, you are doing a great job and are ready for the next step. The next step is doing a healing session.

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