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Elements Cold and Moist
Rules Pisces
Exalted by Cancer
Detriment Virgo
Fall Capricorn

Neptune is a modern planet, discovered on Sep 23, 1846. Traditional astrologers did not know about Neptune. Modern astrologers gave it meaning, mostly aspects previously attributed to a malefic or extreme qualities of Jupiter. These are Modern Rulerships. We do not recommend using these an any traditional astrological techniques.

Neptune Interpretation

Escapism, impressionability, daydreaming, delusions, carelessness, deception, intuition, dishonesty or inspiration, telepathy.

People:dreamers, mediums, magicians, merchants of illusion, drug addicts.

Body parts: Lymphatic System and Third Eye

Character : Emotive, not active, sentimental

Neptune represents diffusion and uncertainty, mass movements and group mentality, glamor. Things break apart by dissolving or becoming obscure (in a fog). It is often linked as well dealing with things that seem out of focus and unknowable, bringing a link to psychic or occult phenomena.

Neptune is also often linked to artistry - the magical quality of the true artist who speaks to the soul. It's about the way music connects to the listener rather than the proficiency and execution. Its the inspiration that results from the art, not the art itself (Venus or 5th House)

The deep religious aspects of Jupiter have also been assigned to Neptune. Again this is the spiritual vision and attachment to the movement itself. Out of control, it brings fanaticism, torture , and addictions as the native attempts to make sense of these unseen forces that he feels but cannot articulate. The cure comes from facing the reality one wishes to ignore.

Movies, television programs, works of fiction also are attributed to Neptune. Also scandals and Petroleum.

Dreaminess, clouded, drug induced, mystical

Meanings of Neptune in Astrology Techniques

Authors on Neptune

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Neptune in the Elements

Neptune in any give sign is quite generational. These characteristics provide a common bond between people born in the same Neptune Sign.

element Meaning
Fire A dramatic approach to imagination and intuitive abilities. Inspired by strong leaders.
Air Creative writing and oratory used to inspire or deceive.
Earth This group has a strong need for being level headed and practical, keeping the head out of the clouds and on task. Being realistic. The expression "get real", "be real" and "the real thing" were popular slogans created by people with Neptune in Earth Signs (adults in advertising at the time.)
Water Illusions linked to emotions, empathy. Movements with strong emotional ties.

Neptune in Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable Signs

Neptune in any give sign is quite generational. These characteristics provide a common bond between people born in the same Neptune Sign.

Note: A linking of this to trends in the arts and mundane would be interesting.

Cardinal Innate sensitivity to the environment. With stress aspects, this can lead to disorientation under pressure.
Fixed Visionary goals are very appealing
Mutable There is an adaptation of old values with the new.

Aspects to Neptune

Transits of Neptune

Neptune is the philosophical planet which connects with the deepest parts of consciousness - the things that unit us all, and the illusions that divide us - wars are fought for nationality or religion which are ideas with no physical form.

Neptune has qualities of Jupiter and of Saturn although it is often called the higher octave of Venus. When ideas, illusions, beliefs become too strong they begin to crystallize dividing humanity into fundamentalist factions, separated from the whole of humanity by illusions of identity.

As Neptune transits it breaks down borders of our illusions, collapsing our assumptions and expectations. The effects of outer planets are often beyond our control, forcing us to adapt to the world. We can choose to respond in a positive way - mercy, compassion and inspiration or in a negative way - disillusionment, heartbreak and disappointment. We feel alone, isolated, solitary.

As the higher octave of Venus, the solution comes through relationships with others, refinement and compassion for ourselves and others.

"We face the exposure and dissolution of our own misinformed expectations and psychological projections, we can see our disillusionments as the dissolving of illusions and perhaps, start seeing things as they are. "

Neptune can also increase awareness in what is sacred in our lives. It blurs personal boundaries in the houses it transits. These areas can no longer be seen clearly or reacted to in our habitual ways. There is a need to redefine our prejudices and beliefs about the things of this house. It feels disorienting, confusing, but this is necessary to force reassessment.

Neptune can also bring great highs of emotion, elation and a sense of soaring - at one with nature or something bigger than ourselves.

Frequency of Neptune Transits

Neptune changes signs every 14 years, it takes 165 years to make a full orbit through the Zodiac. Neptune was discovered Sept. 23, 1846. Astronomers John Couch Adams and Urbain Le Verrier predicted the existance of Neptune mathematically. Johann Gottfried Galle (assisted by Heinrich Louis d'Arrest), actually found it with a telescope at an observatory in Berlin. The discovery, based on calculations, served to confirm Newton's gravitational theory.

Neptune completed its first orbit,returning to the same position of its discovery, on July 12, 2011.

  • Jupiter transits Neptune every thirteen years. Jupiter with Neptune is exhilarating.
  • Saturn transits Neptune every 35 years.
  • When Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn are in the same house and sign,is often a very depressed period.
  • Pluto with Neptune indicates increased oppression.

Neptune in Mundane Astrology

Neptune has a cycle of 165 years, twice that of Uranus. It was discovered in 1846 and symbolizes mass movements and glamor. Some of the mass movements founded around the time of its discovery include spiritualism, communism and scientism. The dogma that scientific materialism is the one and only true avenue to knowledge and that its discoveries alone constitute truth and reality.

Discovered when the Industrial Revolution and colonialism were the order of the day, Neptune also represents the wage slavery and exploitation of capitalism and imperialism. But Neptune also symbolizes the dissolution of the barriers Uranus broke up. Its keynotes are detachment, non-possessiveness and universality.

On a higher octave, Neptune symbolizes universal companionship and the sense of "oneness." It is the planet most connected with mysticism and the mystic's drive toward the unitive state. But Neptune's negative side is seen in glamour, decadence, intoxication (whether with alcohol or television), sensationalism, the false nirvana of the private buddha, fear, sadism, bondage and fanaticism.

In a few words, Neptune offers us deconditioning and liberation from the past on one hand, and a dreamlike, glamorous escape on the other. (Source unknown)


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