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Success and public recognition is an essential part of who you are. There is a drive to make a mark on the world, more than any other placement. This includes being socially influential, having a good reputation and well managed public image. A debilitated/afflicted Sun may express this need in a distorted or rebellious manner where negative attention is as welcome as positive or a sense that ends justify means.

Ambitious position, give energy to work for what you want. A strong need to rise above circumstances that would intimidate others.

The sun in House 10 makes use of all essential and accidental dignities to achieve success. Will look to authority figures for mentoring or study successful people, adopting techniques that work.

  • A need to leave behind something tangible and permanent.
  • More suited to be a manager than dutiful employee.

Need to find how to use your individual strengths to make a significant contribution to some field, or community.

Strong creative or intuitive abilities provide important insights that aid goals.

Debilitated Sun may show obstacles or difficulties that can cause disgrace, failure or infamy. Difficulties admitting mistakes with debility makes matters worse. Debility can block creativity.

Sun out of sect can give a sense of rebellion, a desire to debilitate those in authority and power.

  • MC rules authority figures and things that shape us into our adult selves.
  • MC indicates goals for the material houses (House 2, House 6 and House 10).
  • Sun is within 12° of the MC in 10th house or in 9th house within 5 degrees of MC, intensifies expression.
  • External validation is important.
  • Unwilling to hide behind the scenes.
  • 10th House shows how we perceive those in authority.
  • Sign on House 10, planets, define ambitions, goals, objectives and those who hold authority over you.
  • Sun in House 10, feels lost until they find a worthy goal to fulfill their destiny.

"When the Sun has lordship of this place or if it should happen to be present in dignity or received, especially if also in sect", then according to Paulus: " shows men who are royal, esteemed and eminent... ...and it makes those who are sprung from a notable father".

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