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Medieval Women's Clothes

Examples and links to historically accurate clothing for women during the Medieval era, (476 - 1453).

Lovely Blue Bliaut with instructions from Emily Molanphy
1470s Burgundian gownby catrijn
Medieval clothes
Bliaut Pattern
Sleeping Beauty based on the year 1485
Artist:Claire Hummel
Disney Princesses In Accurate Period Costume

Medieval Wardrobes Examples and links to modern renditions of clothing for women during the Medieval era mainly from the high Middle ages 1000- 1300. These are readily identifiable as medievally looking clothes, by may not be 100% accurate. Includes interesting retail designs as well.

Cotehardies Talks about historical finds and analysis along with designs, patterns and construction tips.

La cotte simple An exploration of clothing and accessories of the late 14th and early 15th centuries full detailed examples of fitting methods.

What the Irish Women Wore An analysis of an Irish Moy Gown.

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