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Mars Conjunct Midheaven

Natal Considerations

Natal Mars Conjunct MC: Mars adds energy to everything you do increases leadership ability, willingness to take on very difficult or competitive tasks that others would find overwhelming. Energetic, competitive, with the ability to finish what you start.

May have trouble with others overpowering you to use your strength to their advantage, until you learn how to deal with your own strength.

The conjunction implies that others will dominate you and you have the choice of being victimized, emulating those who dominated you, or learning to use your strength to lead rather than dominate.

Mars Opposed Midheaven

Natal Considerations

Natal Mars Opposed MC leads to living in accordance of your own inner needs and impulses. This inner satisfaction is much more important than money or external rewards and signs of success. You need to create your own goals in your own way or you will never be satisfied with achievements.

In families where you feel confident of the love and acceptance from your parents (especially your father), you will want to live in accordance of your own inner needs and impulses. This inner satisfaction is much more important than money or external rewards and signs of success.

  • In less supportive families this lesson is learned, exercising your will is an end unto itself - you may push to get your way even when there is no reason to assert your own authority. You may act compulsively or erratically just to gain attention. This generally backfires and can make you and those close to you irritable.

Mars Square Midheaven

Natal Considerations

In essence,Natal Mars Square MC forces you to learn self-confidence through other people, learning how to interact without engaging others without turning into a power struggle.

  • True self-confidence for you frees you to value advice from others, no matter their motivation.

You tend to jump quickly to conclusions and subsequently fight for them, without applying logic or analysis to the validity of your impulsive choice.

  • You are suspicious of advice from others, assuming they have ulterior motives to control you.
  • Learn to listen objectively before choosing important pathways to fulfill your dreams.

Mars Sextile Midheaven

Natal Considerations

Mars bring independence and self-reliance and

  • preference working on projects that will bring you some personal benefit.
  • work well with others on teams
  • Good blend of helping others while meeting your own needs.

  • More subtle in expressing needs than Mars conjunct MC.
  • Self-confidence comes from good self-knowledge. This may be something that builds throughout your life.
  • Good ability to stick with short and long term goals.
  • Strong sense of purpose
  • Good focus
  • Tend to get irritated with activities that don't gel with your goals.
  • Good relationship with male authority figures after you learn to stand up for yourself and be your own person. Until that time you will attract people who will teach you to fight back.
    • Until then, men in particular, will seem to have the power to tear you down and make you feel bad about yourself.

Mars Quincunx Midheaven

Natal Considerations

  • Tendency to violate rules set down by authority figures, when they disagree with you.
  • Conflict between self-will, on the one hand, and self-denial and work, on the other, is different for each person.
  • Releasing physical energy through sports or activities keeps your destructive tendencies in check.
  • You must learn what society demands, such as going to school and doing schoolwork, learning to obey instructions for your own good and so forth.
  • Learn that you can say what needs to be said and not be forced to remain quiet. You can't expect your elders to always go along with your ideas, but you should be able to feel confident of your right to say it. The exception to this. of course, is that you do not have any right to say something just to hurt others.

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