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Jens Pind Weave

Jens Pind Weave
by Sieur Godefroy's Maille Workshop

Jens Pind Weave is a spiral weave that is not twisted into a spiral, with a very small aspect ratio which holds its shape.


Aspect Ratios

Zlosk works with AR of 2.76 to 3.37, but suggest saying below an AR of 3.1 for first timer's. (In the 3.1s and below, the last ring added locks the previous ring in place. In the 3.2s, the last two rings added lock the third ring back in place.)

Recommended Ring Sizes

I've made it in AR's from
Weave   MAR CAR Wire Diameter Ring Size Suggestions Source
Jens Pind     3.4 20awg 3/32"   Phong
Jens Pind    3.4 16swg 3/16"   Phong
Jens Pind     3.4 0.8mm wire 2.4mm ID   Phong
Jens Pind     3.4 1.2mm wire 3.2mm ID   Phong
Jens Pind     3.4 1.6mm wire 4.8mm ID   Phong
Jens Pind       18ga 3.5mm   Legba3
Jens Pind       20ga 2.6mm   Legba3

Weaving instructions

If you are having trouble making JPL, MailleLady suggests making it with three colors:

Start with a ring in one color, and weave the second, different colored ring through it. Weave a third ring (this ring should be a different color than the first two) through these two. Your fourth ring should be the same color as the first ring, the fifth ring the same color as the second, and the sixth ring the same color as the third ring. This really helps to see how each ring fits into the pattern in relation to the others.

Notable examples

Jens Pind Bracelet
by Sieur Godefroy's Maille Workshop

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Part of the Spiral Weave Family.

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