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Inlay Design Tools

  • Use Irregular Grid Painter, IGP, to design inlays on rings.
  • IGP2POV will take your data image file and convert into a POV-Ray scene file which can be further modified, or just render it.
  • See more on Inlays

IGP Tips

  • Each pixel of image = 1 ring. Files should be very small
  • 8.5 x 11 final maille takes roughly 60 small rings or 30 larger rings. (Update with actual numbers). BMP image should not be over 100 pixels, 60 wide x 71 is about regular sheet of paper size.
  • A "standard" 640 x 480 picture that appears about 7" x 5" image would be template for a 12-1/2 foot x 8-1/2 foot patch if made from 16 ga. (.064) x 1/4 I.D. rings.


Creating Computer Graphic Rings for Examples

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