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Named Full Moons

The Full Moon has been given specific names by different cultures to differentiate one form the other, each month. We have collected various names here, and the cultures that used each one.

See Dates of Full Moons for each year at Astrology Sky Archive

Note that the Zodiac Sign of a Full Moon will always be 180 degrees, directly opposite, the sign of the Sun.

        Algonquin/  English/  neo-Pagan     Other
         colonial    medieval

  Jan    Old         Wolf      Ice           Moon After Yule
  Feb    Hunger      Storm     Snow          Opening Buds Moon
  Mar    Crust       Chaste    Death         Sap; Crow; Lenten, Maple Sugar, Worm
  Apr    Pink        Seed      Awakening     Grass; Egg; Frog,  Planter's 
  May    Flower      Hare      Grass         Planting; Milk; Budding
  Jun    Rose        Dyan      Planting      Strawberry; Flower
  Jul    Buck        Mead      Rose          Hay; Thunder; Blood
  Aug    Sturgeon    Corn      Lightening    Grain; Dog Days; Green Corn
  Sep    Harvest     Barley    Harvest       Fruit
  Oct    Hunter's    Blood     Blood         Moon of Falling Leaves
  Nov    Beaver      Snow      Tree          Frosty
  Dec    Cold        Oak       Long Night    Moon Before Yule


Others Lunar Names

  • A blue moon is two full moons in one month. This happens 8 times in 228, or 3.5 per cent.
  • Lunar Mansions The arabic sky has few obstructions, so the 28 positions of the moon provided a easy segmentation of the sky. Each shows represents the moons movement during a 24 hour period.
  • The Sun in Sept, Oct, Nov, is in the signs of short ascension.

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