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Egyptian Life

Egyptian Clothes

  • Dress like an Egyptian This section of Fashion Era looks at the Egyptian costume history. General trends in robes and other basic styles are examined. The costume history includes basic pattern guidelines and draping of costume instructions, to make costumes from the Land of the Pharaohs.

Egyptian History

Theban Royal Mummy Project

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Specific resources

Book of the Dead

The Pyramid Texts

Saite recension

Early versions of the book of the dead (Theban) were not standardized and were not organized by thematic content; however, this changed by the Saite period :

  • Chapters 1-16 The deceased enters the tomb, descends to the underworld, and the body regains its powers of movement and speech.
  • Chapters 17-63 Explanation of the mythic origin of the gods and places, the deceased are made to live again so that they may arise, reborn, with the morning sun.
  • Chapters 64-129 The deceased travels across the sky in the sun bark as one of the blessed dead. In the evening, the deceased travels to the underworld to appear before Osiris.
  • Chapters 130-189 Having been vindicated, the deceased assumes power in the universe as one of the gods. This section also includes assorted chapters on protective amulets, provision of food, and important places.[2] There are 192 unique chapters known, and no single papyrus contains all known chapters.


in Egyptian religion, the spirit of a deceased person and, with the ka and ba (qq.v.), a principal aspect of the soul. By enabling the soul to assume temporarily any form it desired, for the purpose of revisiting the earth or for its own enjoyment, the akh characterized the soul of a deceased person as an effective entity in the next world. The akh-soul was generally represented…

Egyptian Astronomy

The Egyptians portrayed the planets as deities sailing across the heavens in barques, and they were known as the "stars that know no rest".

  • Saturn ("Horus, bull of the sky")
  • Jupiter ("Horus who limits two lands")
  • Mars ("Horus of the horizon", or "Horus the red")
  • Venus ("the one who crosses", or "god of the morning").
  • Mercury (Sebegu, a god associated with Seth)


The sun itself was represented by several gods, depending on its position within the sky.

  • A rising morning sun was associated with Horus or Khepri.
    • Khepri means beginnings, in the morning, ruled sunrise.
  • The noon sun was Re because of its incredible strength.
    • Re means radiance, ruled mid-day
  • The evening sun became Atum, the creator god who lifted pharaohs from their tombs to the stars.
    • Atum means completed, ruled sunset
  • The redness of the setting sun was considered to be the blood from the sun god as he "died" and became associated with Osiris, god of death and rebirth.
    • Amun/Amen ruled hidden or the night. The time of transformation and rebirth.

The Moon

The Moon was Aah, Thoth, and Khons, correspond with its depiction as a dog-headed ape, an ibis, and the left eye of a great celestial hawk.

  • The constellation Orion, for instance, represented Osiris, who was the god of death, rebirth, and the afterlife.
  • The Milky Way represented the sky goddess Nut giving birth to the sun god Re.
The Sky was Hathor or Nut

  • Imperishable Ones: Circumpolar stars (North Star)

Egyptian Technology

Edmund thought this was incredible: Egyptian lightbulbs

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